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Economics and Political Science

Scienze Politiche, Economiche e Sociali


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Disciplinary Classification Economic sciences (LM-56) e Political science (LM-62)
Applications and admissions Free. Applicants will be invited to an interview.
Length of the programme 2 years (120 credits)
Attendance Strongly recommended
Location via Conservatorio, 7 - Milano[apre una nuova finestra]
For information e-mail: eps@unimi.it
Tutors Prof. Fabio Franchino
Prof. Francesco Guala
Programme coordinator Prof. Massimiliano Bratti
Website http://www.eps.unimi.it/apre in nuova finestra

Admission requirements

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The Master in Economics and Political Science is intended for top level international students.
Admission is based on academic excellence. Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent; a strong interest and/or previous studies in economics, political science or related subjects; undergraduate or graduate training in mathematics and quantitative methods or a strong motivation to quickly fill their gaps in these fields; a sound knowledge of spoken and written English.

The evaluation process will take into consideration the applicants’ prior academic records and their motivation.

Detailed eligibility requirements can be found at www.eps.unimi.it

Applicants meeting eligibility requirements will be invited to an interview.
Interviews may be held on-site or by videoconference.


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The Master in Economics and Political Science aims at providing its students with advanced training in both economics and political science. Such training should be comparable to that offered by any leading international master’s programme in each of the two disciplines. Specifically, the programme aims at forming professional economists and political scientists. The graduates will not only be endowed with high-level analytical and operational skills, but they will also have an open and critical vision of economic, political and social issues, and a cultural depth that could hardly be achieved by attending a programme centred only on one of the two disciplines. The broadness of the skills provided is testified by the wide range of occupations that EPS graduates have. Former EPS graduates have found employment in leading firms in the banking, insurance and business services sectors, among the others, in international organizations, or have entered well reputed PhD programmes in Italy or abroad (see the website for more detailed information).

Career prospects

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The Master in Economics and Political Science degree is designed to train students in advanced methodologies, analytical tools and quantitative and qualitative techniques used in all fields of economics and political science. Economics and Political Science graduates will be ready to undertake a wide array of career paths in multinational companies, political institutions, public organizations, and other professions demanding high intellectual skills, robust technical competencies and versatile knowledge. They will also be well prepared to engage in further academic studies in top PhD programmes.

Degree syllabus

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I year

1st year Compulsory learning activities
Compulsory learning activities ECTS
Advanced macroeconomics 6
Advanced microeconomics 6
Comparative politics 9
Game theory 6
International economic law 6
Optimization 6
Positive political theory 9
Research methods 12

II year

Compulsory learning activities
Compulsory learning activities ECTS
Global firms and markets 12
9 ects to be earned by choosing between the following alternatives
- Comparative welfare states
- Empirical methods for economics and policy evaluation
6 ects to be earned by choosing between the following alternatives
- Governance of the European Union
- Social justice in a global world

Elective activities

  • 3 ects to be earned by choosing between the following alternatives: Foreign language advanced; Computer skills advanced; Orientation seminar; Internship and Laboratory ;
  • 9 ects for elective activities ;
  • Final exam (21 ects).